• 06:42:38 pm on September 15, 2005 | 4

    Lots. After our recent story in Wired, we received thousands of e-mails, feedback, and requests for trials. However, one of the funniest notes I got was in regards to our name and follows:

    “I’m looking forward to trying your browswer. One thing, and please take this as constructive criticism, is that I believe that you should reconsider using “Flock” as the name of your browswer. It’s an awful name. Phonetically, it has a harsh sound. As letters on a page, it looks ugly. It rhymes with “Glock” and “shlock,” and it isn’t too terribly different from the f-word.

    In my humble opinion “Flock” is a bad choice for a brand name.”

    There is nothing really humble about this opinion, but I respect his honesty nonetheless. I just wish it wasn’t in regards to the name I happened to come up with. 🙂



  • Wybe 9:11 pm on September 15, 2005 | # | Reply

    He’s got a point though 😉 Ah well, no matter how you call it, you can always make it a great browser. Good luck!

  • Paul Dix 10:07 pm on September 15, 2005 | # | Reply

    I think it’s brilliant. Especially considering that you’re producing a “social browsing experience”. I’m just shocked that you were able to get I thought almost all single english word domain names were taken…

  • bart 11:04 pm on September 15, 2005 | # | Reply

    Oh, the name was taken, but Fredo here was able to purchase it for a very reasonable price. So Fredo didn’t just think of the name, he also got us the domain.

  • Lloyd D Budd 7:46 am on September 22, 2005 | # | Reply

    I think the response from the person to my continued discussion was just as priceless:
    “No, a “flock” is a group of mindless followers, like a “flock of sheep.” As a word, it sinks like a stone. It’s about as sexy as the word “prune.””

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