• 03:21:00 am on October 12, 2005 | 1

    Cheer up Sen. Frist.  Ain’t no thing.  It’ll all blow over.  In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know…

    Senate Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn, is seen in Washington in this July 29, 2005 file photo. Documents show that outside the Senate-approved trusts he created to avoid a conflict of interest, Sen. Frist earned tens of thousands of dollars from nonpublic stock in his family-founded hospital chain that was largely controlled by his brother. Frist, whose sale this summer of HCA Inc. stock is under federal investigation, has long maintained he could own HCA shares and still vote on health care legislation without a conflict because he had placed the stock in blind trusts approved by the Senate. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)Flickr Photo

    …Flock is ALMOST READY!!!

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  • ver 8:36 pm on October 14, 2005 | # | Reply

    Anthony and Andy are cute. Senator Frist not so much.

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