• 07:33:09 am on December 18, 2005 | 2

    David Dunn, of Flockstar fame writes:

    Hi there, I know that I don’t post much into Flockstars (the only time I really did was when we were discussing PocketFlock), but I just wanted to make two announcements.

    1) I’ve been working on a new project called Flock’d which is essentially an online equivalent to the Flocker program written in php with a few unix shell commands where needed.

    Check it out if you are looking to convert your favorite extensions.



  • jakedahn 8:07 pm on December 18, 2005 | # | Reply

    I tried it last night and it works great!! and its fast

  • Third » Blog Archive » Joining the Flock 4:36 pm on December 20, 2005 | # | Reply

    […] The key to flock, is that it’s not meant to be a browser. Firefox is built upon the principle of being a business-like, safe, and dependable substitute to internet explorer, but flock has taken a whole other angle to this ballgame. Flock, by all accounts, is meant to be a social device, which will be used to make the internet smarter. They are aiming to bring a new light to the way we do things with computers, by integrating all of the technology that makes the internet tick, right into their browser, to give you this sort of, massive online experience without the hassle of searching for plugins or extra programs. I like the idea, however questionable it’s success may be. The biggest issue with this is that the niche market it looks to fill is a market that is quite innovative itself, leaving plug-ins and extensions as actual competition to flock. […]

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