• 07:04:50 pm on January 3, 2006 | 1

    Ever try to break up with someone and they got all passive aggressive and made it even more difficult?  You know the tricks: “sorry, I left my math book at your place, can I come over”, “oh, I am expecting a package that I had them ship to your place before we broke up”, and my personal favorite, “can I just come over and stare at you while you work?”

    Well, now that I am happily married, I thought that I had left this kind of behavior behind me at least until I had toddlers and had to deal with a whole new flavor of passive aggression.  I did NOT expect that I would encounter such desperate tactics from Microsoft first.  I was wrong.  After trying out the latest version of MSN Messenger, I was shocked to find that I was not allowed to exit the application!  I kept getting the following error message that was telling me that a bunch of applications I either did not use, or had previously used without MSN Messenger, now had dependencies on Messenger:

    I know Microsoft is getting desperate given the onslaught of competitors (too many to link) that are using innovation as “lock in”, but this is ridiculous.  I hope I have an easier time uninstalling this crap.  I intend to “change the locks” so to speak when the new PowerBooks come out.



  • todd 2:15 am on February 21, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yeah, this has actually been there for a while and I find this annoying too. Hopefully it’s a bug that will get fixed

    I still think that the Sharing Folders feature is a life saver and for that I use the beta with bugs

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