• 06:17:45 am on January 19, 2006 | 0

    One of our core team of Flockstars, TrueSatan (aka “David), not only has one of the coolest Flockstar names (Lou Cypher is of course a close second), but has also undertaken the Herculean task of creating a Flock enthusiast/extensions site.  The site, AdminId, is a work in progress and rife with opportunity for contributors.  TrueSatan sent out the following note rallying anyone interested in contributing:

    There are, doubtless, still some rough edges here and there but the main systems have all been tested and are working perfectly so it’s time to open it to the public. Please make known to your friends and contacts what is available and help us to make the site thrive…feel free to post or blog about it where you will.

    Anyone interested should feel free to check it out.  Since Flock will only become considerably more extensible over time, I think this site (as well as!) will be a great place for Flockers to learn about various developments and projects from the Flock community.


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