• 05:43:03 am on April 4, 2006 | 4

    …enough to make me break my silence and blog again.  Been quiet of late working on the next gen of Flock (I know Bart has a post queued up on that topic).  However, I wanted to break the silence by calling attention to my latest favorite thing on the web, Photobucket’s Video Service.  The service works very much like their photo service, but instead allows you to upload up to 3 minutes of video at a time.  The videos are transcoded to Flash 8 on the server side and you are given handy links that you can then use to add video (a la Google Video) to your blog post.  Here is a screenshot of the service, which is already getting hammered by users and performing like a champ:




  • Phuong Tran 5:34 pm on January 8, 2007 | # | Reply

    Hi Geoff,

    This is PT and I am the new Apple representative for the region. I came accross you guys from a San Jose Merc article. I would like to find out a good time to introduce myself to you and find out how Apple technology is leveraged today at Flock. Can we carve out a minute for a brief talk?

    Phuong ‘PT’ Tran | Apple – Enterprise Sales Division
    T: 408-974-4834 | F:1-866-826-7749 |

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