My real name is Geoffrey Arone and I co-founded Flock with Bart Decrem, who used to head-up business development and marketing for the Mozilla Foundation. Prior to joining forces with Bart, I lived in Seattle and headed up product management for the RealPlayer, RealAudio, and RealVideo. While that job helped me to make the transition from enterprise to consumer technology product marketing and management, it did not take long for me to realize that I am at heart an entrepreneur and that my heart was still best served in the California Bay Area.

Prior to my one-year stint in Seattle, I had lived in the Bay Area and worked for Oracle, Informatica (pre- and post-IPO), and eventually co-founded DAG, an enterprise metadata software company (read that “tagging your business data”).

Oh yeah, I went to skool and what not.  I have an Sc.B. in neural science from Brown University and an MBA from MIT.


  • chris nesladek 6:04 pm on November 20, 2006 | # | Reply

    Hi Geoffrey,

    I was supposed to meet with you and Jesse tonight at 5:30pm. Unfortunately, I have a bad cold that has me at home right now as opposed to work.

    In case you don’t hear, just wanted to make sure I told you that I don’t think I’ll be in the best shape to present tonight. I am hopeful we can reschedule soon through Mark.

    I’m sending both Dana and Mark an email now.



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